Introducing Eridium
Eridium is a specialized company with real knowledge in implementing a Service Oriented Architecture within your organisation. Eridium is your consulting partner who has a lot of practical experience in projects and years of experience in Information Technology.

You start a Service Oriented Architecture implementation well-considered, grounded on a business case. A Service Oriented Architecture has a lot of benefits for your organisation, but before reaping the benefits, you have to sow. Organisational changes will be larger in comparison with implementing just another application or using a new technology stack. We are talking about thinking and acting differently, which is not yet common within the organisation. Optimizing processes, which will be gained with Service Oriented Architecture, goes beyond traditional stove-piped organisations with groups of departments or groups of applications. It will result in a tuned orchestration of processes, supporting the business process. Each process is called a service, with a clear definition and usable in multiple business processes. This requires a good architecture! Running your business processes designed by an architecture on services, insures your organisation of a well-organized and manageable environment, gaining on flexibility and manoeuvrability what you may expect from a Service Oriented Architecture.

Eridium is a young and dynamic organisation with knowledge of Service OriŽnted Architecture implementations.