Portfolio of services
Eridium's portfolio of services aims at the architectural spectrum of Service Orientation. Implementing a Service Oriented Architecture requires very specific knowledge, both on the section of business and IT and also on the section of technology.

Eridium is your business partner when it is about Business - IT alignment and SOA Governance. The business needs dedicate commitment with SOA implementation. This commitment will enable the business to adopt SOA and go along the route of change successfully.
Eridium works with the DEMO methodology for designing, organizing and mutual linking organizations and is Certified DEMO Professional.
Eridium supports you on functional level with process analysis and information analysis. Baseline in a services orchestration is a clear and well-organized process analysis. It is necessary for the business to become owner of their processes.

At technology level Eridium is your partner when it is all about Oracle technology. Eridium has specialist knowledge of